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Floriane Schmitt Textile Expert

Hey ! I’m Floriane

It’s so nice to meet you ! 

I am a textile designer, and I love to create fabric manipulations ! I created my own Creative Textile Studio, Flo Home Delight, just out of school, and I’ve been making crazy textile things there. 

And when my passion for fabrics was getting too big to handle on my own, I decided to share it ! After working in fashion design, in textiles and on my own, I started to write about my favorite subjects. 

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Here’s what I love to talk about …

Theoric knowledge around textiles and how they are made, not to annoy you, but so you can make better creations !

Hello, amazing creations ! Learn more about how to make them, create beautiful things, and become a master at fabric manipulations !

‘Cause it’s the base for everything in your life as a designer, you better get the hottest tips !

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This is what I’ve been writing about lately :

  • Textile Glossary Textile Glossary Because fabrics and everything around it comes with a lot of technical words and complicated stuffs, let's recap a few of the basic words in this Textile Glossary ! This is not an exhaustive list of vocabulary around textile [this would require an entire website and fill a dictionary !] but rather an introduction to the ... by Floriane Schmitt | under Glossary, Textile Knowledge
  • What is the fabric hand ? Learn About fabric 101 What is the Fabric Hand ? The Fabric Hand is the way the fabric feels when you touch it. It also refers to the way a fabric responds when handled. by Floriane Schmitt | under Textile Knowledge
  • 5 design Mistake textile 5 Design Mistakes that make your creations less original There a plenty of ways to create as a designer. Everyone has its own way of doing things. But I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me that these 5 mistakes are really to be avoided, if you want to create something truly original ! Graduated as a Fashion Designer from a fashion school in ... by Floriane Schmitt | under Creativity
  • Canadian Smocks : the complete guide Canadian Smocks : The Complete Guide What are Canadian Smocks ? Canadian smocks are a type of fabric manipulation or hand stitching technique also sometimes called North American smocks. The craftsman make stitches on certain places of the fabric, to gather the fabric together, creating a 3D pattern. by Floriane Schmitt | under Fabric Manipulations
  • Types of Fabric The Different Types of Fabric Hello Creative Souls ! Today I’m explaining the different types of fabrics. With so many existing textiles, it’s normal to get confused on how to choose fabrics for your creations. So let’s start with the basics ! The categories we are talking about today are quite broad, and they will give us a global view ... by Floriane Schmitt | under Textile Knowledge

Hello Creative Soul !

Floriane Schmitt

So happy to meet you !
I’m Floriane, a French Textile Designer.
I help textile lovers get better knowledge around textile, textile manipulations and creativity.

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