What's a creative process ?

What is a creative process ?

Definition of the Creative Process

A creative process is a series of steps a designer takes during designing his project, in order to go from an idea to the final product, refining his concepts through each steps to get the best solution.

So it’s basically a guideline that helps you structure your design process, so that you don’t go in every direction, but still insure that you go deep on each ideas to find the best ones. Amazing, right ?! 

Who is it for ?

Designers ! Designers of any fields. I used my 5-Steps Creative Process for fashion design, and textile design, and I know it also works for product and graphic design.

Unlike artists, who may rely a lot more on their intuition, their opinions and feelings of what they want to express, designers have to create something to answer a need [Yes, even for textile and fashion design]. So the creative process needs a bit more structure to make sure the product is coherent with the brand you’re creating it for.

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Why is it important to have one ?

The Creative Process guides you, the designer, during the entire project. Because you have in front of you all the next steps of the project you need to go through, you always have a clear path, and you always know what the next step is. You’re never lost, not knowing what to do !

The Creative Process helps you stay focused on your theme, without going all over the place. Your main keyword or concept is very defined, so you keep your creative direction crystal clear. You see when an idea or a design isn’t aligned with the rest, and so you gain coherence throughout your project.

The Creative Process helps you generate more ideas, thanks to the first steps, and you’re sure that you explored all the possibilities. You can then confidently move forward to the next step.

The Creative Process also helps you think deeper ; it helps you go beyond your first idea ; and come up with better, more innovative and more accomplished concepts, and less predictable ideas.

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How does it work ?

What is great, is that the creative process is actually super simple

There are a limited numbers of steps (5 steps if you follow my own creative process)

You just follow each steps of the creative process, in the right order, and you go on the next one ONLY when you’re done with the previous.

Before you’ll know it, you will have ideas so good you won’t believe it !

Ready to start designing with the Creative Process ?

Ok but what are the steps of the Creative Process ? 

For each designers, and where they work, it can depend.

But the structure of the design process is the same :

  1. Preparation : Find and define the problem you will solve
  2. Incubation : Stimulate ideas by collecting informations, references and inspirations
  3. Divergence : Opening up, transforming ideas into new ones
  4. Convergence : Check and validate solutions

Those terms might feel a little bit too theoretical, but it’s just because they are general to all types of designs (fashion design, textile design, graphic design, product design, etc)

But we want a more hands-on approach ! So I have developed my own 5-Steps Creative Process, based on my experience as a fashion designer, and a textile designer, and here are my creative process steps :

  1. Find Your Concept : look for inspiration and find a general idea, keyword or concept that you will develop in this project.
  2. Create A Moodboard : after your researches on the concept, summarize visually your new universe in a moodboard
  3. Develop Your Concept : Time to actually design ! Fill your research book with tons of ideas, inspirations, colors, sketches, and tests.
  4. Finalize Your Concept : Choose the best ideas of your research book for your final product or collection
  5. Translate Your Concept Into A Final Product : Now that you have several great sketches and finalized ideas, time to make the first prototypes ! 

Looks easier right ? If you want more details, you can check out the free guide I have put together : The 5-Steps Creative Process for Designers

Other bonuses of the Creative Process ?

It helps you stay inspired at aaall times, because even if you don’t feel creative at the moment, you just follow the next step of the process, and start to get more ideas while working !

You research a lot in the first phase, and you learn about tons of new designers, artists, architects, or any creators of any fields. Your art & design culture expand tremendously at every project !

Last but NOT least ? It gives you the confidence to take decisions on your own, and helps you feel like a true designer.

Finally owning that yes, I am a designer, and feeling great about what I’m making, was one of the most rewarding feeling of my life.

And I want you to feel that as well !

How did I achieve it ? I did A LOT of projects, and each time, grew my confidence a little, because I always knew what to do, and how to take the best decisions ; all thanks to my 5-Steps Creative Process for Designers 

Do you want to proudly be a designer as well ?

Let me share with you my own design process !

The 5 Steps Creative Process

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