20 common situation where your need a design coach

20 common situations where you need a Design Coach !

Have you ever felt super stuck on your dream creative project ?

We, Creatives, always have tons and tons of ideas of things we want to make, techniques we want to try, and stuff we want to learn.

Sometimes things go easily, we start our project quite quickly, buy all the needed material, get creative, enjoy ourselves while creating something we love. How great is it to be a creative person !

But sometimes … Well, It doesn’t go that easily.

Maybe it’s just that you keep putting a project off, by fear of not doing it well, or not knowing how to do it at all.

Maybe it’s a project that you started, but you have no idea how to finish it.

You feel stuck.

How can you go past the creative block, and achieve your projects in an easier, more creative way, while growing your skills at the same time ?

You need a Coach.

You need help from another designer who’s been there, and understand your struggles.

Are you in a design school ?

Then perfect ! You can be coached by your teachers, or even your classmates and design friends.

But if you are not, and you still are passionate about fashion and textile design… let me give you several reasons why you should hire a Coach as a Designer !

No matter where you are in your creative journey, having someone else’s experiences and advices available is invaluable !

If you are a beginner in the field of design [meaning you’ve never studied design, you don’t really know about it, but you’re just attracted to it and feeling super creative], you should get a Coach if …

  • You don’t know how to start designing [You’re tired of fixing a blank page but scared to draw something “ugly” or “bad” on it !]
  • You want to pursue a new creative carrier, but you don’t have time to go through fashion/design school : let’s create a personalized and accelerated learning program for you !
  • You need help to define your vision, style, or aesthetic.

If you’re a little bit further along in your journey, but still not feeling super confident about your skills yet, you should get a Coach if …

  • You have already done some creative projects, but you’re still a bit confused about process : is there a logic to creation ? A proven method ? Or should you just rely on your intuition and see where it goes ? [Hint : there is logic and methods, and I can teach them to you !]
  • You need some directions on projects you started but feel blocked at some point, not knowing how to finish them
  • You still need to learn some creative techniques [The creative process, creativity techniques, fabric manipulation experimentations, etc] 
  • You want to feel more confident as a designer, gain trust, be able to show your work …

If you’re already an accomplished designer, but …

  • Sometimes you wish you could improve your skills and productivity
  • You want to go from Good to great : You already have some skills, but you want to improve and see what you’re capable of !
  • You know you have some unexploited potential, and you’re ready to go to the next level !
  • You want to get detailed and precise feedback on your projects 
  • You need help to identify your blind spots and weaknesses so you can get better 
  • You want to be more efficient when in design mode, and be able to create faster, in an easier manner, more in the flow.

Then hiring a Coach is going to be amazing for you !

There are other reasons why you might consider hiring a Coach, no matter your level.

Often, what you need to improve your design skills is just someone who gets it !

Hiring a Coach will be beneficial for you if …

  • You’ve ever thought : “I wish I had someone to talk to about design and my projects, someone who GETS IT !” [Design is a special field, and for those who are not in, we might pass as weirdos asking crazy questions, like “Is that beige too yellowish, or, Is this fabric telling the right story ? 🙊 ]
  • You need a Mentor ; someone with more experience, who’s been there, to guide you
  • You need someone else who understand you to talk, have a creative conversation
  • You’re looking for someone who can share personalized advices ; specific to YOUR needs, YOUR style, and YOUR projects !
  • You know about and want to use the power of the collective brain [If we brainstorm or think together on something you’re blocked on, we can find something new you wouldn’t have found on your own !]

Also, if you feel like you need a little accountability and motivation, hiring a design Coach could be greatly beneficial ! Imagine having someone on your side, pushing you gently so you finish your beloved projects ! Having a Coach wil :

  • Keep you accountable ; what you said you will do, you actually will achieve ! Especially for that project you keep putting off 😉
  • Keep you motivated [Because designing can be harsh sometimes !]

Phew ! There actually are so many ways in which a Design Coach can help you !

What resonated with you the most ? Share it with me in the comments !

Are you ready to get coached and get to the next design level ?

I’m offering Design Coaching Calls for any Creative Soul wanting to improve their design skills, finally feel proud and confident about their design, adn achieve your highest potential.

If this sounds like something you need, learn more about the Design Coaching Call and book yours now !

Not sure yet if that’s for you ? Book a Free Discovery Call first !

PS : Being coached will help you understand concepts and thought processes, but you will still need to work hard on your projects by yourself between each call ; testing and experimenting in design is indispensable !

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