trusting your intuition as a designer

Why trusting your intuition as a designer is CRUCIAL

What if there was a magic thing that could make you feel super confident in all your creations, knowing that it’s incredible quality work, and that it is 100% worth putting out there ?

You know, something that could allow you to become the best designer you can be, unapologetically ?

Well guess what … This magic thing does exist already.

I’m using it everyday to show my work to my clients, to the world, and sell it without shame.

And the best part ?


Yes. Yes, that’s for real ! You already got it inside of yourself.

This little magic thing that can completely change how you feel about your creations is your gut. Your little voice inside. Your vision. Your creative intuition.

It has many names, sometimes it’s simply called “your heart”.

But this magic little thing is what’s guiding you through all of your projects. It guides all of your creative decisions.

Think about when you create something, or start a new creative project :

  • Why do you choose to work on this particular topic over another ? 
  • Why do you feel drawn to explore one specific theme more than another one ? 
  • Why do some things inspire you and some don’t ?

It’s your intuition who’s in charge then. It’s your gut who instantly feels what’s the right or more interesting thing to choose.

All these times, when you’re feeling inspired, it’s your intuition guiding you.

It’s your inner wisdom talking directly to you.

See already how amazing that is ?

And remember, it’s 100% free ! 😍😍😍

Do you want to learn something even more amazing ?

Your intuition always knows what’s perfect for you.

Whatever decision it whispers you, your gut knows what will make you feel the most inspired, fulfilled, accomplished.

So whatever you try to do or create ; ALWAYS listen to your intuitions !

Let me try to explain why it is so important …

This article comes from my own experience as a fashion designer.

Growing up, I didn’t know how to do anything creative : I couldn’t draw, I couldn’t sew, and I definitely didn’t know anything about a creative process and how to produce high quality ideas.

So I would feel insecure in my design school, seeing all the other people who already knew how to draw perfectly.

Yes, I was that girl, hiding my drawings and ideas behind my arm so no one could see “how bad I was”.

I felt so lost, during my design studies, I wanted so bad to be great, I wanted to learn and work the most I could to “make up for my lack of talent”.

Then slowly, after a long learning process, lots of trials & errors, I started to become a better designer, and I started to gain some confidence. I finally fully trusted my intuition, my creativity, and as a result, graduated top of my class in fashion school and launched my very own company, based on my aesthetic and vision, Flo Home Delight !

How did I make it happen ? (AKA go from zero confidence to successful designer)

In design school, they would show us lots of designers and creations, so we could form our design culture. When you see something for the first time, you get a feeling and an almost instant opinion : do you like it or not, does it feel interesting and new, does it touches your heart and make you feel something, or do you think the designer is stupid …

That’s your intuition talking to you here too !

I started to listen to that voice that told me what I liked and didn’t like. I started to notice how it had an opinion on everything, and how good it felt when I listened to it.

I started to listen, when my intuition was telling me what projects I should do, what ideas I should follow, and how I should develop them ; regardless of what my friends and teachers were saying.

Slowly, I started to trust it more and more.

I started to trust my vision, my tastes, my opinions on design, and I started to assert myself : no more hiding my drawing, just letting my little voice express itself.

Can you guess what happened then ?

I started to become successful.

People, friends and teachers started to congratulate me on my work, saying how cool and original it was.

In the meantime, I felt prouder and prouder of my designs.

Not because of the praise, but because I truly loved what I was creating, and it showed to the world.

I felt fulfilled, and finally embracing that I was a “true” designer.

All of this, because I fully trusted my intuition.

You can feel this as well.

You CAN feel proud of your creations.

You CAN feel sure that you are creating your best work.

You CAN feel 100% confident that what you’re doing is amazing.

Wanna learn how ? Just continue reading ! 

Let me give you a few reasons why is it sooo important to trust your intuition, and what that will bring you ! [Feel free to add your own reasons in the comments below !]

Why following your intuition will make you a successful designer

Your intuition is, like I said, your inner wisdom. It’s the thing that makes you know whether something is right or wrong for you. Following your intuition will give you more confidence in yourself, because you will see, each time you listen to it, it brings you something good !

Since your intuition indicates what is best for you, following it will make you feel fulfilled as a designer. You will create something you truly love, based on your own taste ! You’ll stop following the status quo, and stop creating what you think is expected of you, rather what you know deep down you want to make. It will bring a sense of ease, peace, and trust in your work.

You are just here designing, with passion, enjoying the process. [AKA the best feeling EVER]

From this place, you are ready to create your best, most authentic work. Why ? Because everything you do with love and passion obviously is so much better than creating with fear, limiting beliefs and self judgment !

Being able to create from this place of freedom is making you trust yourself more, and tremendously grow your confidence. [Who doesn’t want that, right ?]

This confidence will help you show your designs and projects to more people, because you’re done being afraid they’ll judge you ! Being more visible, putting your projects out there with confidence will of course provide more opportunities, more projects, and more people coming to you ! [Pretty sure that with the confidence to show and defend your work, you can find a job quite easily !]

So here’s the recap of magical process to getting success from listening to your guts :

Listening to your intuition -> Feeling aligned and fulfilled ->

Creating better and more authentic designs -> Feeling proud of yourself -> Growing your confidence as a designer ->

Presenting your work to more people -> Getting more successes !

How amazing does that sound ?

If you need help to get there, I’ll be honored to support your journey : learn more by clicking this link !

Another great thing that happens when you follow your intuition is that you no longer get influenced by other people’s opinions. You know your intuition is tailored to you and your needs, and it’s okay if your friend/teacher/family has a different view on your designs. YOU know what’s best for you. And you can develop your own unique/crazy/unseen before style.

How can you actually start listening to your intuition ?

The next great news, after learning that your intuition is 100% free and you already own it, is that you don’t have to train your intuition

For sure, developing your culture in your industry and seeing more art and design will help, but your intuition is already within you, perfectly wise. 

The only thing you have to do ? To start listening to it !

If you’ve been busy ignoring it, trying to convince you that other people/society/your family/… knows better than your intuition, that magic little voice might have shrinked, started to whisper or even go quiet.

But it’s never fully going away, and you can let it shine again !

Trusting and fully following your intuition might be a learning process, but it’s always super worth it !

You can start by trusting that this little voice will always show up. The more you listen to it, the louder it gets. 

So don’t shut it down, don’t try to listen to someone else instead. Other people will speak from their truth, but you don’t have to share their opinion. If a teacher advises you to do something, but your gut screams to go in the opposite direction, listen to your guts ! [I’m not saying to ignore all your teachers, but once you’ve understood their point of view and it doesn’t feel right, I’m allowing you to follow your vision anyway ! Teachers will accept it if you explain your logic and why your intuition said it ain’t right]

Stop judging yourself : Thinking “I’m not good/talented/special enough” at every second of your life isn’t helping. That’s how you shut down your little voice, telling her she’s not good enough to be listened to.

Just see the results and enjoy all the successes that come from listening to your inner wisdom ! That will help you tremendously grow your confidence as a designer, showing you with many proofs that you actually ARE good enough, when you let your intuition guide you.

Sooo, Are you ready to start being the designer you always dreamed to be ?

You know now, you just have to trust yourself and your intuition !

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